Our Clients


We have worked with some of the most creditable and blooming organisations in Malaysia, ranging from public listed companies to large corporations and associations. IBDC is truly proud of the opportunities given to contribute in their success and to improve their competitive edges, and would like to express our deepest appreciation to those who have been continually in support of us in the past years. We believe that our experience, knowledge and exposure in the broad spectrum of business would be of utmost value to the solutions that our clients sought after. Our past and present clients include:

我们与马来西亚一些最值得信赖及繁荣的大型组织合作,其中包括上市公司,大型企业以及协会。IBDC对于能为我们客户的成功而贡献一份力量而感到自豪,并在此对多年来一直支持我们的人们以表示我们最深切的感谢。我们相信我们在这广泛业务中获得的行业经验以及专业知识将会为客户所追求的问题解决方案带来重大价值。 我们的客户包括: