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IPO, Corporate Liability, & Business Valuation Advisory Malaysia

Along with every risk, lies an opportunity within. However, you would not want to take on your biggest project and business development without the appropriate experience and technical know-how. Whether it is an IPO, business restructuring, or buy-out plan, you might find yourself facing the exact situation. Major deals are stressful and time-consuming, meanwhile you still have a business to run.

As such, you will need advisers not only to provide you with the right direction, but also to go through the rocky road with you. IBDC can advise and support you through every phase, from planning your corporate structure to seizing the deal. We ensure that you stay ahead of the game via prompt communication to our advisers while we help you to drive the progress forward.

Business Process Improvement (“BPI”)

BPI is a management exercise to analyse their existing operating procedures to identify areas for area of improvement. This process can also be referred to as functional process improvement.

IBDC can take a study at your organisation structure and business operation to identify each and every room for potential BPI and redesign those processes tailored to your objectives. We will also advise through the restructuring process to assist in realising the improvements to ensure you a smoother operating procedures, more efficient workflow and overall business growth.

Financial Due Diligence

Financial due diligence is an investigation of a potential investment, contract, product or service to confirm all its fact. It is a critical aspect of transaction planning as it can affect the purchase price for a business or even the decision whether to proceed.

Our experienced team undertake a tailored approach based on the key risk areas to provide realistic and enterprise insights to ensure that the investment decision is sturdily supported, and there is an answer to every query, in order to provide the investors with a peace of mind.

MACC Act (Section 17A) Corporate Liability Advisory

On 30 May 2019, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (“MACC”) has officially announced on the enforcement of the new provision in the MACC Act 2009 (the “Act”), effective by 1 June 2020. In conjunction, the Prime Minister’s Department of Malaysia has also issued the Guidelines on Adequate Procedures (“GAP”) pursuant to Section 17A(5) under the Act on 4 December 2018.

Have you done sufficiently to prevent the occurrence of bribery and corruption activities within your organisation, at the same time to also protect yourselves from being held liable for the wrongdoings of others? We can provide our services regarding corporate liability to give you a comfort in mind, such as:

  • Evaluate and identify the gap between the organisation’s current level of compliance to the requirements of the GAP and the Act, then provide appropriate recommendations;
  • Implementation of adequate internal control systems and procedures within the organisation;
  • Conduct post-implementation review to ensure the implementation has been effective; and
  • Conduct regular internal audit from time to time to ensure effective monitoring and compliance, and identify for areas of improvement.


Business Valuation Service Malaysia & Transaction Advisory Services

Business valuations are performed for various reasons, usually for a transaction to take place such as sales and purchase of a business, identification and business valuation of intangible assets, shareholder’s dispute, merger and acquisition, obtain financing, or other purposes. Sometimes it is also required for accounting purposes, such as to obtain a fair value on acquisition for Purchase Price Allocation in compliance to IFRS/MFRS 3 Business Combination, as well as to assess for goodwill impairment in accordance to IAS 36/MFRS 136 Impairment of Assets.

IBDC carry out our business valuation service Malaysia by identifying the purpose of the exercise and interest of the report user, then apply the appropriate basis of business valuation and assumptions, as well as combining a number of generally acceptable business valuation service methodologies to arrive at our conclusion. We may further conduct a feasibility study on the proposed transaction and such findings shall assist the users of our report in making sound investment and transaction decision.

Other transaction advisory services include assisting in the preparation of prospective financial statements, performance projection, financial forecasts, special purpose or framework financial statements, identification of deal-breakers, buy-sell recommendation, as well as identification of a suitable target and negotiation of a merger and acquisition deal.

IPO Advisory

Taking your company public and having a listed status is a thrilling milestone for every successful corporation. It is a crucial stepping stone for a growing, privately held company to further expand its horizon. Whether you intend to get listed on Bursa Malaysia or Hong Kong Stock Exchange, or any other exchange, it is truly a tedious process to go through from pre-IPO planning phase to prospectus drafting, but the result is definitely rewarding. The IPO prospectus is subject to numerous regulatory bodies’ guideline, review and approval. In addition to the prospectus, there are also a number of strict qualitative and financial criteria that the company has to adhere.

IBDC has the required knowledge and experience for listing on Bursa Malaysia and Hong Kong Stock Exchange. To assist you with a successful listing, we can act as your advisors and work hand-in-hand with your management to:

  • evaluate and advise on the suitability of your corporate structure, financial performance and business strategy;
  • provide you with careful planning and management with professional parties;
  • review the listing requirements and assist in the restructuring of your company’s financial and operational activities;
  • address problems and resolve issues that may adversely affect the listing;
  • recommend and introduce strategic investors, sponsors, lawyers, underwriters, valuers and any other professional parties as necessary;
  • advise on regulatory issues, including corporate governance;
  • coordinate the work of accountants, lawyers, public relations and media;
  • address queries from the SC on the prospectus, and many others more.

We will smooth out any turmoil that may arise and go through the whole process with you up to your successful listing, because we feel happy on behalf when our client is happy, and such an event is definitely worth the celebration!

Other Advisory Services

Should you require any other form of advisory services that are not listed, feel free to submit your enquiries here. We are glad to help if we can be of your service!


俗语说,有危必有机。然而,您也不想在没有充足和适当的经验与知识的情况下,而冒险地进行最大型的工程或业务发展计划。无论是首次公开募股(“Initial Public Offering”或“IPO”),业务重组还是收购计划,您可能正面临以上的情况。类似这种大型的项目都是充满了压力和挑战的,并需要大量的时间和精力,更何况与此同时您还需要管理当前的业务。



业务流程改进(“Business Process Improvement”),也被称为功能流程改进,是一项管理实践项目,主要是以分析当前操作程序的方式,然后鉴定可被改进的范围。



财务尽职调查是一项针对潜在投资,合同,产品或服务所进行的调查,以确认其所有事实。 这是交易计划的一个关键因素,因为它可能会影响收购价格,甚至决定是否继续交易。


反贪会法令(MACC Act 2009)第17A条文企业责任顾问

于2019年5月30日,反贪污委员会公布将在2020年6月1日正式实施《反贪会法令》第17A的新条文。关联此条文,马来西亚首相署也于2018年12月4日依据第17A(5)条文公布了一套适当程序指南(Guidelines on Adequate Procedures或“GAP”),以提供商业组织为参考标准。


  • 评估及鉴定组织目前与《反贪污法令》第17A条文及GAP指南的遵守层度并提供适当建议;
  • 协助组织有效的实行适当的内部管理程序和流程;
  • 引导实施后评估以保证措施的实行效率;和
  • 进行定期内部审计以确保组织有效率的监督管理程序和流程的实行效率,并提供流程改进的建议。

业务评估的需求有多种因素,通常是因为业务买卖交易、识别与评估无形资产、股东纠纷事件、合并与收购、征求资金等。此外,会计准则的需求也可能需要业务评估报告以作出进一步的审计,例如依据《国际/马来西亚财务报告准则3-企业合并》(IFRS 3 Business Combination) 进行公允价值评估及采购价格分配,或依据《国际会计准则36/马来西亚财务报告准则136-资产减值》(IAS 36/MFRS 136 Impairment of Assets) 进行信誉评估。




把公司上市可称得上是每家成功企业的里程碑。对于一家正在不停发展的私营企业而言,这也是拓展业务的基石。无论您是打算在马来西亚证券交易所或是香港证券交易所(“Hong Kong Stock Exchange”),还是在任何其他的交易所上市,从首次公开募股的前期规划到招股书的起草,再获得上市准证,这是一个十分繁琐的过程。但可以被认可的是,一切的努力都会得到应有的回报。招股书将会受到众多监管机构的审查和监督。除此之外,一家上市公司还必须遵守一系列严格的定性标准和财务准则。


  • 为首次公开募股的前期规划评估您的企业结构,财务业绩和业务策略的可行性,并为下一步的进展提供相关的专业建议;
  • 协助您与其他专业团队的沟通及管理策划;
  • 评审相关的上市需求并根据实际状况以协助您推行公司的财务结构和业务活动重组;
  • 协助解决会对公司上市产生负面影响的潜在问题;
  • 根据您的策略与需求,推荐及介绍适当的投资者,赞助商,律师,承销商,申报会计师,估价师和其他相关的专业团队。
  • 提供相关的法规及监管问题咨询,包括企业治理;
  • 协调您与会计师,律师,公关部门和媒体的工作;
  • 解决证卷委员会对招股书中的疑问;其他更多的问题。



如果您对任何其他形式或特定并未列出的专业顾问服务有兴趣与疑问,欢迎随时联系我们。 我们很乐意为您服务!